aircraft company admin building 

chennault louisiana 

lake charles, louisiana 

This project included the design and construction of a new 17,900 square foot building that was designed as the administrative office center for a tenant at the Industrial Complex at Chennault Airport in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  The building currently houses an aircraft maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) tenant.  The building includes the executive office suite, a large conference room for in-house planning, a conference room with attached food prep area designed for presentations to potential customers, a separate suite for the computer operations of the entire company including a glassed-in server room with a separate, redundant air conditioning system, and open office spaces for marketing, human resources and accounting. The facility acts as the connection to the public side of the business and a comfortable place for customer contact. It is built to withstand hurricane force conditions.  The windows are a triple-glazed ballistic resistant system.  The building is located between the public access areas of the facility and the secure, industrial side that includes the hangars and shops. This building utilizes a structural steel frame with steel stud interior partitions and pre-finished aluminum, repositionable partition track system for maximum flexibility.