creole nature trail adventure point 



This project includes the design and construction of a new 4,760 square foot building that houses the interpretive displays featuring dioramas, interactive elements and murals about the Southwest Louisiana's Creole Nature Trail. The building includes a reception area, display areas, merchandise displays, administrative offices and supporting areas. The exterior of the building features a replica of one the area's shrimping boats where visitors can take pictures on the deck and in the wheelhouse of the "Gumbeaux Too". The building is constructed of steel and wood framing with metal roofing. The building sits on an elevated concrete foundation giving the illusion of a traditional raised, Creole cottage. The design of the exterior was made to reflect characteristics of the vernacular architecture of the Creole Nature Trail. The building is meant to aid in the teachings of the local landscape, culture & wildlife. The interpretive displays at the interior were designed and created by Split Rock Studios.