Municipal or Public Works projects involve facilities for mostly governmental bureaus and public uses.  City Halls, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Governmental bureaus and Public Maintenance facilities fall under this category.  Municipal projects are generally intended to be long serving facilities that are built of high quality materials and are easy to maintain.  The design forms of these projects should reflect the function of the building and even the region and local characteristics of the site location.

Often when working in historic downtown areas, we are asked to revitalize existing buildings and even change their function to fit the municipality's needs while being able to reflect the local character and restore correct, historical details.  We often take an eclectic approach to the design of new public buildings by using the diverse elements and details of the local culture and buildings into the composition of the building.  The Public Service Building in DeQuincy, Louisiana uses details and characteristics from the historic railroad station located in the center of town.  The railroad has always been an important part of that community so we thought that it was fitting to bring that essence to the newest public building in the heart of the downtown area.